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Validating children

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Before you tell your child that it’s time to leave the park, or remind him that the really cool truck he’s examining has to stay at the store, acknowledge his point of view.

Acknowledge your child’s feelings and wishes, even if they seem ridiculous, irrational, self-centered or wrong.

To help your child feel understood, it means you keeping your ego and desire to lecture in check.

Validating your child's feelings also means that you don’t judge him or her.

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Let's assume that your component expects to always have a child, and only one child.

She found that traditional cognitive-behavioral therapy did not work with these highly emotionally sensitive patients. In fact, her patients continued to experience weekly crises.

They reported feeling judged and corrected when the traditional cognitive-behavioral techniques were utilized. She stepped back and started developing a more effective type of treatment for these patients and, thus, DBT was born.

Emotional vulnerability is a combination of high sensitivity to emotional stimuli, intense emotional responses, and a slow return to baseline (Miller, Rathus & Linehan, 2007).

Emotional dysregulation causes emotional reactivity and can lead to depression, anxiety, irritability, difficulty managing anger and interpersonal difficulties.