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Validating in a web user control

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Active Control property to the current form, focus events occur in the following order Enter Got Focus Leave Validating Validated Lost Focus When you change the focus by using the mouse or by calling the Focus method, focus events occur in the following order: Enter Got Focus Lost Focus Leave Validating Validated event provides the hook to perform the validation and Error Provider gives a nice consistent approach to providing the user with feedback on any error conditions.

though: The Error Provider component does not provide built-in support for accessibility clients.

There are controls for different types of validation, such as range checking or pattern matching. Each validation control references an input control (a server control) elsewhere on the page.

When user input is being processed (for example, when a page is submitted), the validation control tests the user input and sets a property to indicate whether the input passed the test.

You will also create a custom validator with code that you write, which illustrates how you can add your own logic to the validation framework in the page.

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Is there a work-around for this scenario other than manually calling Page. But when i tried to publish i get error messages for them. Single page with multiple user web controls VS Multiple page with specific user web controls I have a question regarding single page with multiple user web controls vs multiple page with specific user web controls Option 1: I am of the opinion to have multiple pages with specific user web controls and use an object to store all the information as the user navigates through the application.

(The default for this page, if implemented, would be e-mail confirmation.) By default, the Web Forms page automatically validates that malicious users are not attempting to send script to your application even if you do not use validation controls. For information about the difference between these Web project types, see text box can be converted to a date value. The first is the custom validation code that runs when the page is submitted.

For more information, see In the first part of the walkthrough, you will create a Web site and a page where you can work with styles. You must always have server-side validation logic for a control as well.

Validation controls can be used with any both HTML and Web server controls.

You enable validation of user input by adding validation controls to your page as you would add other server controls.