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One of the questions I get asked again and again is how to validate a field value in an Acro Form with a custom validation script.Adobe provided a lot of infrastructure to do that with just a simple script.By Steve Suehring, Janet Valade Validating web form data from drop-downs (or select/option elements), radio buttons, or check boxes should be done in the PHP.Even though it may appear that the users have to pick from one of the options, they may (maliciously or otherwise) not have that filled out correctly. The following code sets up an array of the valid states (from the drop-down in One item of note here is that you not only need to check to see if the state is set, but also need to see that it isn’t blank.If not, an alert is displayed and focus is moved to the checkbox.

While HTML5 form validation is typically about missing or invalid text inputs, there are other form element types that also require attention. Suppose you have a form on your website that at the bottom asks people to "accept the Terms and Conditions" or something similar.

The advantage for the user is that it's obvious whick element is causing the problem and there's no alert window that needs to be clicked away.

The Radio Button control is used to provide a set of mutually exclusive options. If you need to place more than one group of radio buttons in the same form, you should place them in different container controls like a Group Box control.

You can display text, image or both on radio button control. Black End Sub Private Sub Radio Button5_Checked Changed(sender As Object, _ e As Event Args) Handles Radio Button5.

You can also change the appearance of the radio button control by using the Appearance property. Blue End Sub Private Sub Radio Button4_Checked Changed(sender As Object, _ e As Event Args) Handles Radio Button4.