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She has been his manager for the past three years and has helped his career evolve.

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When Bisping finally got his chance he made the most of it.

Bisping outboxed Silva for the better part of five rounds and besides a severe error in the third round — one that he takes complete responsibility for making where he allowed Silva to nearly knock him out while complaining about his mouthpiece to the referee — he dominated the fight for almost the entire 25 minutes. Of course the fight was in England, it’s a fight I’ve always wanted.

The code for this method is as follows: The code above contains a very simple if statement to check the items value (in my example saying that an error message will be displayed if the item value is set to “Item 2” ..

one of the drop-down choices from Part 3 of this series).

It's a way of showing you understand and accept their thoughts and feelings just as they are.

I still wear the scars from that fight on my face to this day.

Regardless of whether he was the champion or not the champion, for me it was a personal goal achieved, something I aspired to my entire career,” Bisping told FOX Sports about the Silva fight.

In order for a validator to work you need three moving parts: Validation Method We’ll base this sample on the Custom Editing interface we built in Part 3 and first off we will build ourselves a validation method.

This is technically going to be an object with a Validate method (to which Share Point will pass a value).