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Vista media center guide not updating

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When I move my mouse around, I can see options light up as if I'd moved over them. I tried renaming the ehome directory and have it recreated, but that failed with the above error.

If I move to just the right place, I am able to click on an option. If I go through other setups and at the prompt choose that I don't want to use the guide, WMC crashes.

The Xbox One uses Rovi to provide channel guide listings.

One can assume that Microsoft expects to promote the Xbox One experience as the future of living room entertainment through a Universal app that will also be available for Windows 10 users.

Tried to locate the Media Center Recovery Task in Computer Management, but it doesn't exist.

I've deleted %systemdrive%\programdata\microsoft\ehome\and then started Media Center.

For several years Windows Media Center has been working without any problems.

Today, when I went to look at the TV Lisings, a message popped up saying "Guide Listings will be out of date in fewer than 3 days. So I click on the Download button, and a few seconds later I get the message "Guide Listings were downloaded successfully." But, for each TV channel listed, it says "No Data available".

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The guide for Windows Media Center is not updating.

thanks for the info both my win8 and win7 media center boxes failed at the same time so I knew something was up. I have a purchased TV tuner that I paid a lot of money for and I use WMC to record shows on PBS to burn to DVD.

FYI 60640 in Chicago has no guide so off to find a different zip code. (After my cable co went digital, most of the channels cannot be recorded to burn.) As for the current situation, I've tried 14 different ways to get it to load and nothing is working.

I have exited Windows Media Center, rebooted the computer, but still no TV listings, which means I can't record TV shows (other than waiting for the show to start and manually recording)On my Windows 7 computer, I also got the message about downloading the latest guide listings, which I did, and it was successful.

That tells me it is not a problem with my internet connection or firewall.