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Webalizer stats not updating cpanel

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Gives you the opportunity to check tomorrow at this time and see if it is running.crond (pid 3326) is running...I did get one error whilst trying to do what some one else suggested, i enabled the update awstats link, when clicked it said about access or combined logs, i had it set to access, so changed to combined, the erro what, then said about 0 logs curropt...but i removed the link again and it just says never updated.../scripts/runweblogs didn't seem to do anything...tail -50 /usr/local/cpanel/logs/stats_log shows: [add domain] etherz uk [add domain] etherz [add domain] etherz uk [add domain] piemaste thedaringdiva.[add domain] piemaste [add domain] piemaste newerawrestling.[add domain] piemaste [add domain] piemaste hardcorechampionshipwrestling.[add domain] piemaste [add domain] piemaste kingofsin.[add domain] piemaste [add domain] lukeoz teraustralis.[add domain] lukeoz [add domain] lukeoz nebs.[add domain] lukeoz au [add domain] lukeoz nebssa.[add domain] lukeoz LANGUAGE: english /usr/local/cpanel/lang/.english Update status for /var/cpanel/bandwidth/galaxy-http.rrd: (0) Processing exim stats for galaxy.......My server was reset (not rebooted, reset), and since then the c Panel stats deamon hasn't ran, in WHM i have configured stats as i had it before, and the stats configuration page says stats are keeping up to date bla bla bla, does anyone have any ideas? If they are high, the stats round will be bypassed till another time where it will check loads again.

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Next, run the following command ln -s ~/tmp/webalizer stats you can replace the "stats" part of that command with name you want to use in order to access your website statistics. after that i cant even see my website till i erase the .htaccess file can someone show me their .htaccess file so i can see whats going wrong?You need root access to the server for updating AWStats manually.From Command Line To update Awstats for a user alone via command line, run the command below after logging to the server as ‘root’ user.If Awstats not updating automatically then obviously you will have to update it manually.This can be done from c Panel or command line and the option to choose depends on your choice/preference.The users' web statistics on Siteground servers are updated every night.