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He was in the direct-to-DVD film Skipped Parts, released in 2000, with Mischa Barton.

Following Rascals, Hall appeared in John Landis' The Stupids and the soccer comedy The Big Green.After that, he made his appearance in The Stupid of John Landis and a soccer comedy called The Big Green.In 1996, Hall won the nomination for Young Star Award for the Best Performance by Young Actor in Made For TV Movie for his work in Fox telefilm known as The Munster’s Scary Little Christmas as Eddie Munster.The bug, which is yet to be fixed, affects all versions of Microsoft’s productivity suite, including Office 2016 for Windows 10.The vulnerability was first revealed by Mc Afee researchers, though security experts at Fire Eye say they’ve been aware of it for several weeks and didn’t want to publicly disclose any details before Microsoft had managed to address the issue.He is mostly known for playing as Our Gang Kid Alfalfa Switzer in a 1994 movie known as The Little Rascals.