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Stitchers returns for its third season, picking up right after the season 2 finale that saw Kristen (Emma Ishta) trapped in her own stitch memory as she attempts to find her mother while her life hangs in the balance.

When last season of Orphan Black ended, Sarah was badly injured and stranded on the island.

Camila’s straight as can be so it was more being entertaining in the house with our own selves. I like chicks who know how to dress, but I’m kinda girly myself so I go more for androgyny.

Someone can say something, I’ll get a text, then look on Cara’s Twitter and think, “Oh My God! ’”AE: What do you think your greatest competitive weakness is? I’m trying to get better, and I’ve even taken lesson, but swimming in a life jacket with tennis shoes on and a helmet that’s like, 30 lbs, is so not my thing. So for anything that’s like one-on-one or physical, I have such a big advantage.

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The season featured eight people who lived in a hotel converted into a suite.All these people work in these areas exclusively, allowing them to develop expertise in what they do and develop contacts to make the process much smoother. When I was 8, Dad threw in his life as an accountant and became an academic.Over the next 8 years we moved to England, then Townsville and then finally Tassie where I finished my HSC and then moved on to Sydney Uni.AE: Have you discussed your bisexuality with any of your other family members or friends at home? ES: I led a double life for a while, sneaking out every night with hot Starbucks-girl, who was conveniently my neighbor and then waking up early enough to eat breakfast with my “straight friends.”After a couple weeks, I hit the point where I knew liking girls and kissing girls wasn’t just a fling, and I sat them down one by one and was very open. I had a lot of “that makes so much sense” and “ahhhh, I get it now” and “Duh, Emily, I am not stupid.”My family and friends are all very supportive, and they want more than anything for me to be happy.I am very accepted by all parts of my support system, and that is the most liberating, amazing feeling one can ask for.It is the fourth season of The Real World to be set outside the United States, after The Real World: London in 1995, The Real World: Paris in 2003, and The Real World: Sydney in 2007.