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Wpf binding not updating when source changes

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It would be better to govern how often the binding source’s new values are pushed to the binding target. One solution is to create a value converter which governs the data flow between source and target.

The converter can keep a time stamp which it uses to determine when the new source values can be pushed to the target.

Contract Note has the property Is Eco Generated, and it implements , the Notify Property Changed is also triggered on the setter of the property.

Can you give me a hint on what I'm doing wrong, or what I need to do to get the grid to update/refresh?

The command that sets the property 'Is Eco Generated' is a command on the View Model.

Hi Odd Veibust, Do you set the value of the 'Is Eco Generated' property from the UI or from code behind?

Two way binding is used when we want to update some controls property when some other related controls property change and when source property change the actual control also updates its property.

I think this sentence is hard to understand :) Let me explain you with an example.

He asked if it is possible to control how frequently a binding target is updated.

Well, not write entirely, but obviously extend the existing provider.

Following is the class that I wrote for this purpose.

Provided that the view model has a property called “Name”, you bind it to a Text Box’s Text property in XAML the following way: Besides the path that specifies the name of the property to bind to, the binding must also have a source object.

If you don’t specify a source explicitly by setting the Source property of the binding, it will inherit the Data Context from its parent element to use as its source.