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Thanks to a radio station in Johnston, SC, Pat hit the air waves hosting a live radio show.

Despite being a rookie, Pat’s off-the-charts charisma created a sensation.

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Bernath told Haaretz his websites have a system in place aimed at preventing such dangers, in which "matchmakers review the suggestions proposed by the system's algorithm, and then extensively interview each individual before passing contact information on to the each party." Doron Kornbluth, author of Why Marry Jewish?

-“Prefers to get to know you online before meeting,” could actually mean that his doting wife of 17 years has no inkling of his double life, nor that he carries a machete in his trunk.

-And finally, because there’s no age limit on naïve, for those with a previous marriage that included children, “Loves kids,” can make him the equivalent of a modern day John Wayne Gacy.

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My beef with this book and her approach is that she seems to think that by applying some formula, you will find The One. First of all, we are ALL wired differently - so why would applying some formula work for everybody? Here are some instances in the book that I disagree with.