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The Hungarian authorities transferred another 4,000 Jews later in the month.
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The introduction of the game begins in the early '80s, a detective is chasing after somebody and witnesses the murder of a Korean mob boss, who says in Korean - "even if you kill me, our organization will live on".

The murderer happens to be Kiryu Kazuma's (the game's protagonist) foster father, Fuma Shintaro.

Set in Osaka, the game lets the player visit nightclubs, restaurants, stores, and other locales while confronting members of gangs, law enforcement, and the infamous Korean mafia.

Once again players take control of Kazuma Kiryu the protagonist from the first Yakuza game.

The intro of the game starts in the early 1980s, a detective is chasing after somebody and witnesses a murder of a Korean mob boss who says in Korean "Even if you kill me, our organization will live on".

However, the detective successfully convinces the woman not to kill herself and the baby.Combat takes place through an assortment of hand-to-hand attacks to subdue multiple foes from a third-person perspective.In the US and EU versions of Yakuza the game's 16-chapter storyline features Japanese voice acting with English subtitles.He continued to investigate the case even after Kiryu's incarceration, which earned him an unwanted transfer to the Organized Crime Unit. After Kiryu is arrested, he chooses to forsake his career in the police (justifying it by saying that his time was limited anyway) to spring him from jail.He helps Kiryu throughout the game, becoming one his closest friends.In Yakuza 2 Japan's seedy criminal underworld resurfaces.