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You can test to see what ports are in a listening state and what processes, applications, or daemons are listening by running: When I did that, I noticed that amavisd wasn’t listening on port 10024, which made me think that it wasn’t running at all.

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I have been to convention after convention, gone speed dating and if all civilization dies and technology is suddenly wiped out, I will be able to reconstruct the entire Original Trilogy entirely from memory, reciting it line-by-line as we huddle around a campfire, complete with hand-gestures.

The only thing I love more than “Star Wars” is giving my money, hand over fist, to George Lucas (now, Disney).

Joslyn & Bernie - (Las Vegas, November 2016) at one of your events.

It is, in fact, a blind date in the most literal sense.

And while it is a little awkward, “Paper Bag Speed Dating” is the newest way singles are looking for love.

, to discuss the psychological impact of “Paper Bag Speed Dating” @loveflutter A new style of matchmaking has put some mystery back into finding the perfect mate.

It’s called paper bag dating and it is the polar opposite of love at first sight.