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Zune not updating plays

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Zunes are being bought because of price discounts at places like Wal Mart and Target, by people jumping on the digital music phenomenon late in the game. The vast majority of stores report Ipod leaving Zune in the dust. Microsoft purposely released a ridiculously low amount of players to create a buzz that Zunes are selling well. R4 - Amazon no longer tags players as Flash or hard-drive based, hence why all the players you see in that list are last season's models, and all those i Pods have been discontinued. The snag in the numbers is that it doesn't include individual retailers like Amazon or Cyber Monday sales, but the chocolate Zune 30 does remain tops in Amazon's portables section, so it might just pull through in the final count. that's the kind of being "outsold" that Apple would like. It plays more formats of both video and audio files, plays pod-casts, has a built in FM tuner, a voice-recorder, and FM-recorder, a better menu system...

okay, it's missing an EQ feature, but I have yet to use that on any MP3 player. I still use a Sony Discman when working out and get strange looks. I have absolutely no need to get all sorts of bells and whistles or be "cool" via my mp3 player. That said, I've purchased about 150 songs from itunes, which I've burned to CD, so i Pod may be the frontrunner. I can't believe someone's trying to hype up the Zune. Is there any functional difference at all between the Zune and i Pod, or any other MP3 player for that matter? The only significant difference between them is their brand image and marketing.

Yahoo Tech is reporting that the Microsoft Zune, having been heavily discounted for the holiday season, 'is currently Amazon's top-selling music player, beating out the new i Pod Nano and the 80GB i Pod on the 'Bestsellers in Electronics' list.' An Associated Press report even indicates that the Zune's newfound popularity has left it in short supply, sold out in many locations.

Is this a sign that a true competitor, from Microsoft no less, has finally broken into the Apple-dominated MP3 player market?

The Microsoft Zune 30GB black digital media player lets you take your entertainment on the go.

In addition to storing your favorite tunes, you can also store pictures and videos.

Windows Media Player does not recognize the Zune as a devioce or a player, just like Windows will not recognize it as a storage drive in Windows Explorer.

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Isn't it possible that i Pod sales are down because the vast majority of buyers who fit the demographic for buying a digital music player already own an i Pod? From[bold]"Price Grabber and e Bay: Zune Second-Most Bought Black Friday Product[/bold]The little portable media player that could: According to Price Grabber, and e Bay, the fattie Zunes (30 and 80) were the second-most bought product online during Black Friday, right behind the Wii. the FIRST gen Zune, not the recently relased one, is the one that was "outselling" the i define "outselling." the ONE zune model was outselling the i Pod touch, the i Pod classic, the nano, the shuffle....

You'll see your Zune device restart and that'll tidy up most problems. There are third party Zune repair services, that will fix it for cheap.

Just hold the back button (with the arrow) and the up-button on the squircle at the same time and hold for like 10 seconds.

The vibrant, colorful LCD 3-inch screen with a maximum resolution of 320 by 240 pixels will make your media look clear and vivid.

Its slim 2.4-inch by 0.6-inch by 4.4-inch size is compact and will fit into the palm of your hand.